The Power of Plants Actually Increases Your Productivity at Work!

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Being tied to your desk all day long not only drains the life out of you, but your energy is shot to heck!  Many companies have been searching for solutions to increase their employee's productivity. Well, it seems plants take the gold medal as the perfect solution!


According to a Canadian employer, they gave each one of their employees a plant and their productivity increased by 30%. Well, science is here to tell us why plants give employees what they need to keep them energized during the workday.

Plants Rock!

 Not only are plants decorative for your office, but plants give off many health benefits for our bodies and minds. Research by the National Institute of Environmental Health Services has shown that plants keep the air indoors much cleaner and improves our ability to concentrate.


It's a known fact that furniture, cleaners, paint, and other elements in an office environment send off many toxic compounds which, in turn, contribute to our inability to think clearly.

Some of the best plants for ridding of unwanted compounds from our office air include bamboo palms, rubber plants, and snake plants plus they look really great.

The appearance of green plants around an office gives employees greater relaxation and removal of stress.  Plants also improve our mood conditions and we are able to stay focused for longer periods of time.  Companies have found that by implementing certain décor, employees' morale and productivity are on the rise.

This includes indoor trees, planter boxes, and other natural elements to encourage natural, positive vibes.

Research has shown that looking at plants actually stimulates our brains and we will more easily enter into a more relaxed mode.  On top of that, a well-designed office with good light and plants, are a great benefit to the company's bottom line.

 The Connection Between Plants & People

 According to studies, there is a strong need for people to be surrounded by nature.  Even though many of us live in a very fast-paced environment surround with chrome and glass, nature is a vital part of our society.  Also, when people are engaged in the modern world, they are completely immersed in their frontal lobe.


Being exposed to nature, the hyper-active frontal lobe is deactivated, encouraging happiness and stimulates creativity. So people wonder if you would have the same benefits if the plants in your office were fake.  Plants emit natural elements that benefit people, artificial or fake plants are just that, fake.

 Productivity Solutions

Companies for many years have been in debates and discussions trying to find out how much money or time is lost when their employees are unhappy, sick, or totally disengaged. Billions of dollars are tossed out the window due to issues with productivity so finding solutions are integral for expansion and profits.


Money is constantly spent in team building, developing an inclusive office culture, and extracurricular activities to promote increased productivity.  A Canadian business owner took a piece of advice from his wife, giving each employee a plant to place on their desks.

Employees were exposed to all available plants to find the perfect match. The results were astonishing, he discovered that each employee was doing approximately 30% more business.  He also added, that on top of improved metrics, all the plants were doing really well after five years of being introduced.

It seems his employees also seem to have developed green thumbs and have responded very positively to their new desk partners.  The employees each received their plants with a name tag that read “My Name Is...” which seems to have fostered an incredible relationship.  Adding plants and greenery to the workplace is a positive benefit for absolutely everyone involved.