French Bulldog Overcomes His Fears and You Won't Believe How

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Everyone loves dogs for a great reason. The way they express their emotions and fears, as well as love for their owners brings our hearts joy and laughter is something beyond human nature. Not only that, they will always have it in their instincts to protect their own: family, furry friends, and themselves. Now, in contrast, we all fear the famous ocean predator, the shark. So, combine a dog's need to protect it's owner, with the energy of a dangerous predator (the shark), and you get one of the most funny situations that you could truly ever imagine. A dog having to face its fears in order to protect its owner, from a plastic shark toy.


Swayze the French Bulldog already shows her attachment to her family by following them to the bathroom and waiting outside the door anxious to see them come back. So, her owner decided to play a trick on the adorable creature and see how she would respond. She ended up taking a shark toy from the bathtub, and began to flash its teeth at Swayze, so to see how far the poor thing would go, either away or inside to defeat the plastic predator.

The YouTube video description had said the following:

"This is my 3 year old French bulldog, her name is Swayze. She enjoys stalking me outside of the bathroom. While I was cleaning up my sons bath toys, I picked up a shark and she went nuts. I had to grab the camera to capture this fun moment. She's not usually so jumpy, but bouncy she is! Enjoy."

Although provocative, this video proved itself to be a viral and adorable one, that most people around the world are sharing it and writing about it. Talk about a funny, cute situation indeed!