The Striped Shirt That Has the World Going Crazy

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Do any of you remember back in 2015 when there was an illusional dress that was surfacing the internet, driving all of us insane guessing what color it was? Some thought gold, and others thought navy blue, but either way, we all lost our marbles trying to figure it out. The dress was so popular that it even became a character on the hit game, Crossy Road, and we all were left wondering how this had happened. The theme behind the dress was an illusion on the eyes, and this young ladie's selfie has us feeling the same as we did way back when.

The selfie starts off with the view of a beautiful girl, and a gorgeous striped shirt, simply looking like herself. It then follows with a few more selfies as the focus comes more to the shirt, and the illusion continues.


As you look into the shirt, the stripes turn into a trippy, headache yielding set of stripes. If you remember from the original tweet above, the shirt started off innocent looking, like a simple shirt from Forever 21. As we zoom into the shirt even more, we come to see that the illusion continues, even as the shirt goes back to its normal state.

With this occurence, people began to go crazy and start fearing that the end of the world was near. Tweeters even went as far and wild as to think Satan was here on Earth. Talk about overdramatic.

At least one user had some common sense, and actually took to her twitter to say something ten times more than hilarious.

That has to be one of the more funny reactions that we have seen yet regarding this illusional phenomena. For anyone with a brain, we can see that this shirt is clearly designed by an intelligent designer who wanted to use optical illusions as a fashion. Gotta hand it to whoever it was, whether or not they intended to start a fire on twitter, they truly succeeded. What a great way to start off 2017; drive the public wild with what seems to be magic in the thread!