The Top 10 Destinations to Travel to This Summer, According to Airbnb

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Summer Vacation. These two words fill us with the excitement of traveling, relaxing, seeing new places, meeting new people, and more.

Some of us envision a glass of rose by the sea while others of us long for something more foreign and adventurous, explorations in Asia or the mountains somewhere.

The world is an incredibly vast place, and there is no end to the places we could travel to.

If you’re having a hard time choosing where your summer getaway should be in 2019, Airbnb can help with their definitive ranking of this summer’s must-see summer travel destinations.

Airbnb used internal booking data to see which are the hottest and most desirable locations this summer, and the options are quite various. Some focus on nature, like Bragg Creek, Canada while others display the coast, like South Korea’s coastal city of Yeosu.

Two cities of China made their way on the list of top 10 destinations, and it also seems like Puerto Rico has become increasingly popular.

The number one destination was claimed by a commune in northern France right next to the Belgian border and on the Scheldt River – Valenciennes.

Time to Choose!

Those vacation days are almost upon us, so if you haven’t managed to land on a location for you this summer, let Airbnb’s top global destinations help! They are as follows:

  1. Valenciennes, France
  2. Changsha, China
  3. Matsudo, Japan
  4. Marigot, St. Martin
  5. Wuhan, China
  6. Dorado, Puerto Rico
  7. Vieques, Puerto Rico
  8. Río Grande, Puerto Rico
  9. Yeosu, South Korea
  10. Bragg Creek, Canada

Some of you are planning a trip for you and a significant other, and for most popular trips booked by couples, Airbnb has a whole other list.

You’ll be surprised at some of the destinations that trend the most, like Munising in Michigan, but others are headed to Argentina, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. We’ve listed below the top five locations for those booking for two:

  1. Nanterre, France
  2. Nanjing, China
  3. Williams, Arizona
  4. Courseulles-sur-Mer, France
  5. South Uist, Scotland