The Top 10 Places You Should Visit This Fall

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Many experts in the travel industry believe the following 10 places will be the most popular vacation spots over the fall season.

With fall right around the corner, temperatures are starting to fall and leaves are turning spectacular shades of orange, red, and yellow.  This is also the time of year when many start planning their autumn getaways.

Its time to make your plans for a weekend getaway, pack your bags, and make your airline and hotel reservations. If you want an absolutely spectacular, unforgettable vacation, we are here to help you plan for a special trip.

We have chosen the 10 hot spots that have shown a lot of activity in searches and showing a climb in tourism that is expected to last until the winter months set in.  Reports from several travel agencies have shown that Germany to Japan will offer enough excitement to entice everyone from around the world.

From frequent travelers to couch potatoes, no one can turn down these tempting destinations!

Where's That?

Reports have revealed a rise in lesser-known locations to famous annual events such as Oktoberfest.  Travelers, in the drones, are racing to glorious places like Austria and Switzerland.  As summer travelers are slowing down, the autumn crowd is picking up.

The U.S To Mexico To Canada:

There are a lot of U.S travelers that would prefer to travel a little closer to home, not needing to deal with their passports.  The Carolinas have always been a top choice in the United States due to the breathtaking Blue Ridge Mountains.

Along for the ride are 2 cities in Mexico; Miguel Hidalgo and Tepoztlán. Another fabulous destination is Regina which is the capital of the Canadian province Saskatchewan.  It's the second-largest city in the province and is known for its cultural and commercial centers.

Ready To Travel? In Order, Here Are The Top Ten Locations For This Year:

  • Regina, Canada (at 328%)
  • Beatenberg, Switzerland (at 312%)
  • Beppu, Japan (at 288%)
  • Miguel Hidalgo, Mexico (at 279%)
  • Culebra, Puerto Rico (at 250%)
  • Tepoztlán, Mexico (at 250%)
  • Halle, Germany (at 248%)
  • Anderson, South Carolina (at 247%)
  • Pinehurst, North Carolina (at 243%)
  • Obertraun, Austria (at 232%)

If you do not have any vacation time left, check out your own local areas for autumn events.  If you are lucky enough to live in a place that screams gorgeous foliage, go for a day-long hike or maybe travel on horseback!  Join in on the fun at delicious foodfests or festivals that are popping up everywhere with fun activities for your kids or to bring out the kid in you!