The TV Boyfriend You’ve Always Wished For

Romantic comedies- the cure to a rainy day and as delicious to watch as a hot cup of cocoa is to drink. Hollywood romcoms are filled to the brim with unrealistic loved stories that skew our expectations, but at least they provide us of some dreamy men who are as good-hearted as they are good to look at!

For your viewing pleasure, we are counting down our favorite movie boyfriends and why exactly they are worthy of our total devotion.

Westley in “The Princess Bride”

Westley made “As you wish” the line that melted hearts (and increased women’s fantasies about bossing men around and having them love you for it). The gorgeous blonde farmer turned pirate was every bit as perfect as he could possibly be.

We Do Wish

From the fact that he knows how to deal with what life hands him, to the fact that he knows when to listen to the independent woman in his life, he definitely is the full package.