These Artists Are Using 3D Technology For a Unique Purpose

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Historical artifacts have always been easy to depict and decifer where they come from and what ancient era they have been created in. Furthermore, they become easier to write about from a historical perspective. Recently, about 135 artifacts in the form of wooden carvings have been found that have such tiny and intricate details, artists are trying their hardest to figure out where they have come from, and what the meanings of them are. This could seem to be a hard job, but the ones doing the digging have found it slightly easier with the great use of xray technology.


Through the start of the research, artists have figured out that these wooden carvings come from between the years of 1500-1535; that is only an estimate, of course. These artists also have come to believe that the art comes from the Netherlands as back then merchants were carving wooden, religious figures to sell and make a profit from. After a while, however, the style faded out and the carvings became artifacts. Obvioulsy this is just a speculation, but the history behind it can be a pointer that could help the artists continue to dig into in order to find the answers they so desire.


All we can say here is thank God for technology, because aside from history, the adventure of discovery had become a lot easier for the process. There has been a use of 3D interpretation technology as well as micro-CT scanning; with this technology, the carvings become a lot more legible like a magnifying glass on the skin looking into hair follicles. Although there is both technology and history as a helper, it is still very hard to discover the truth. One could only hope that soon the xray and 3D devices will better decipher and soon uncover the truth of these beautiful, historical masterpieces.