These Celebrities Have Taken Some Time Away From Always Being Online

For the average person, spending time on the internet can be fun. For a celebrity, it must be exhausting. Even if you only have a few hundred followers on social media, it can feel like you are constantly seeing updates, notifications, opinions, and more. For celebrities with accounts that have five, even six figures worth of people following them, though? That can become quite the challenge.

For some, it is simply too much. Here are some celebrities who have taken ownership of their time and escaped online activity.

Photo: camilo jimenez/Unsplash

Emma Stone

As a famous actress, life must be tough at times. Stone has called social media a form of ‘selective truth’ because people can curate the side of themselves they wish to portray to the world. The reality is often quite different. The anonymous nature of social media, too, drove Stone to stop making a major effort to be involved.

Selena Gomez

Being a Disney star must be tough for those who reach stardom young, and Selena Gomez has been a media name for years now. She has reportedly removed social media from her smartphone and is known for taking regular breaks from spending time on social media. As a major advocate for mental health, Gomez practices what she preaches. 

Photo: @petedavidson.93/Instagram

Pete Davidson

Davidson’s exit from social media was quite an alarming one. He split up with his fiancée Ariana Grande and proceeded to delete all of his social media accounts. Grande also deleted her social media accounts after the break-up, believing moving on would be too challenging with the constant chatter and opinion of the media and others about the breakup.

Ed Sheeran

The musician has regularly moved away from spending time on social media, though he is still quite active on Instagram for the most part. A 2015 break from all social media lasted longer than most expected, and Sheeran proclaimed that it was time to see the world through his own eyes as opposed to through the pixels on his phone screen.

Life as a celebrity can be challenging but rewarding: the social media side of things, though, must be more challenging than anything else. No wonder so many choose to take prolonged breaks from the major social media platforms.