Things You Should Know Before Ordering Steak at Your Favorite Restaurant!

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If you like your steaks medium-rare, you need to be careful because you might not get what you are expecting in this day and age.

Most professional chefs will tell you for a medium-rare steak the temperature must be 135° to seal in the flavor and ensure the steak is tender.  The steak should also be allowed a little more time for that nice charring on the outside.

Today, ordering a medium-rare steak might end up being a great deal rarer than you were hoping for.  Many customers at their favorite restaurant have reported that when their order for a medium-rare is delivered to their table, the meat is almost completely raw!

So, Why Is My Medium-Rare Steak Raw?

It really has nothing to do with the cooking process, it's the cost!

The cost for a high-quality rib eye is now $8 while a few years ago it was $6. We all know that the cost of living is on the rise from our rental costs to labor.  With restaurants, the competition is very high causing more high-end restaurants to try and outdo their competition both in food, décor, and even advertising.

Costs Effect The Cooking Process:

If a customer has to send their steak back because it's under-cooked, the chef will put it back on the grill for a few minutes which will not increase the cost when it's returned to the customer.

On the other hand, if a customer complains their steak is over-cooked, it has to be thrown out and the chef must start all over again and this leads to higher costs,  Today, profit margins are very tight and therefore a chef will show caution by under-cooking the steak.

How To Get Your Steak Just Right:

You should try to communicate with your waiter what you want in your steak. Instead of ordering a medium-rare steak, tell them you want a medium-rare + steak.

It will still be medium-rare but just cooked a little bit longer.  This will guarantee you get the steak your want so you can enjoy every morsel!  If you bring home a doggy bag, you should know how to reheat your steak without losing those incredible flavors,  Check out this link for great results.

I hope this will help you get the steak you are expecting the next time go out to eat!