Think These Healthy Foods are Great? Think Again

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Life is full of surprises for us. often, foods that we would think are really good for us are terrible for us – and vice versa. It’s a common problem, and one of the main reasons why many of us eat such poor and radically unbalanced diets. When you cannot find out for certain what is good and what is bad, how can you possibly moderate your food to a high standard?

To help you get around that problem, we recommend that you take a look at these simple ‘health foods’ that you should try and avoid. Starting today, you can make a pretty quick change to the way that you eat simply by making sure you stop eating these foods promoted for their goodness.

Whole Wheat Bread.

Another common food to eat for a health kick is whole wheat bread: that may not be the case after all. Many whole wheat pieces of bread are still loaded with the poor dietary fiber of white bread. They are also often loaded with high fructose corn syrups, meaning they aren’t anywhere near as healthy as certain health gurus might make out.

Diet Juice.


Removing sugar for sweetener ain’t as healthy as it sounds. Not only are quite a few of the big name sweeteners under review for their potential ill-causing health effects, with links to cancer becoming clear in some studies, but they are loaded with artificial colors and other nonsense. If you want to enjoy a treat, simply reduce your consumption of real soda down to a couple of cans per week: it’s better than drinking diet soda at the same rate you drink the real stuff. If you can, though, cut it out altogether.

Dried Fruits.

A common food to eat on-the-go for easy enjoyment, it might not be anywhere near as good for you as some people make out. Cured using a sulfite and loaded with added sugar on top of what is already in the fruit, these are anything but healthy treats!

Salad Dressing.

Lastly, put an end to picking up salad dressing at the supermarket. ‘Low fat’ salad dressings are often made from sugar and salt mostly meaning they are worse for you than the fats. If you are going to use a salad dressing, use a tiny helping of the real stuff.

Agave Syrup.

Supposedly the ‘healthy’ way to sweeten your foods it’s actually really bad for you. Some studies show that it might be even worse for you than standard white sugar. Don’t keep taking this stuff: it’s not the natural sweetener many claims.

Keep this in mind, and you should find it a fair bit easier to get around the problems that you face with ‘healthy eating ‘that leads to weight gain!

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