This Guy Sent A Big Mac to Space, Then Ate It!

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I'm not really sure how many people have actually contemplated what a Big Mac Burger would actually taste like after visiting outer space.  Well, this guy decided to find out by launching his McDonald's Big Mac into space at 100,00 feet, 24-miles high with temperatures reaching minus 50% Celsius.

Tom Stanniland, a UK YouTuber, known as Killem on the video platform, told his more than 2 million viewers he wanted to send the very first McDonald's burger into space and then actually eat it once it was returned to earth.

Stanniland told that he had seen many things sent to outer space but never anyone sending a burger, so he wanted to be the guy to do it first.  He said it took a few weeks to prepare the launch and making sure they had everything exactly in-place to make it happen.

To make his goal a reality, he needed a weather balloon, four canisters of helium, a GoPro camera, the Big Mac burger, and glue to fasten the burger inside the polystyrene box.  One section of the burger was left unglued so he could eat it once it returned.

In his 20-minute video, Stanniland said there were so many things to take into consideration including everything that could go wrong.  He did all the math and said the balloon could pop, his GoPro camera could freeze or overheat, the string could snap off, or the tracker could stop working.

If at First You Don't Succeed

His first attempt failed but during the second try, he was able to launch the balloon.  He waited patiently for the balloon's return though he feared the tracker could be lost but, lo and behold, the Big Mac burger returned to Earth, landing in a football field.

Unfortunately, when he took a bite out of the burger, it was dry, powdery, and frozen.  He said he had to chew it for approximately 2 minutes to force it down.  His final comment was he wouldn't recommend it to anyone!

McDonald's in the UK responded to Stanniland's space project “We always knew the Big Mac was out of this world”.  My thoughts - I'd say, this is something better enjoyed right here on earth and in its natural environment.