This is How Working out Before Bed Affects Your Sleep

Do you also have such a busy schedule that you have to plan your workout in the evening? Here's how it affects your sleep.

Working out in the evening

Of course, with a busy job, it doesn't always work out in the morning or the afternoon. Sometimes people say that exercising in the evening is not a smart plan. It could potentially affect your sleep, but what is true about this? At the moment, experts are not entirely sure. However, several factors play a role. For example, the intensity and length of your workout already determine the impact on your sleep. In general, exercising is a good move, and research shows that in people who exercise for several months, sleep quality improves. Yet there are also a few drawbacks to such an evening workout.

Adverse effects

So exercising in the evening can improve your sleep quality, but it can also have the opposite effect. During exercise, your heart rate increases and your body temperature rises. This in turn could make you less likely to fall asleep. If you are tired enough, you will still be able to sleep easily, but if not, you may fall asleep later and wake up more often during the night. In addition, the type of workout is also a determining factor. You can imagine that an intense sport has more influence on your sleep, than a quiet yoga session. So returning from a run half an hour before you go to sleep is not advised. Especially if you are a poor sleeper, it is better to be careful about exercising before going to bed. Still, do you really want to exercise in the evening? Then choose to plan your workout in the early evening and not overload your body. Also, be sure not to forget to end your exercise session with a gentle cool down, allowing your body to unwind.