Thorny Devil Lizard Walks Using Hypnotic Movements

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We feel like we don’t show you enough videos of lizards and sometimes they can be fascinating animals, and they also have a lot of skills. Just check out this thorny devil lizard and his smart way crossing the road.

A thorny devil crosses a quiet road in the Tanami Desert, NT. Like chameleons, these unique lizards walk with a rocking motion to simulate spiky debris blowing in the wind. Amazing, isn’t it?

Lizards are little reptiles that have a long tail, eyelids, and for the most part, have four legs with five toes on each foot. They can vary in color and also in size. Most lizards love to eat creepy little crawlies like this guy, and that is the reason they are called insectivores.

Lizards are also very significant because they help to control the bug populace. The lizards that eat little creatures and also birds are called carnivores. A couple of lizards eat plants, and they are called herbivores.

Lizards are a group of animals which we haven’t share a common ancestor of millions of years which is really fascinating for some people.

They are brilliant creatures, and the level of interaction with them is different from the interaction with dogs and cats, and that is why a lot of people consider having a lizard as a pet.

Why did the lizard cross the road?

The thorny devil, or also knows as the mountain devil, they are covered in spikes and can puff themselves to appear more prominent, and yes they are known for their funny walk.

The thorny lizard’s unique gait involves strolling, stopping often, and rocking back and forth. This characteristic delayed, unsteady movement appears very slow.

Probably, their jerky movements and constant freezing in place help conceal them if a predator spots them out in the open.

Crossing the road can be really dangerous for them, because of their camouflage they get run over really often. The thorny devil is a lizard that has to stay still for a long period in order to camouflage itself, which results in some of these creatures getting run over.

They are also very vulnerable due to natural loss and disturbance. That’s why there is an organization who help these animals because even though they are called devils, they are actually harmless and they say that they are lovely animals.

People did no justice for this animal by giving such a harsh name to such a non-dangerous animal!