Inspiring Women We Should Listen Too

We had a good year, though there were some sad events as famous and inspiring people passed away and the whole #MeToo campaign ruled the media. But overall, it was a year to learn new things that will be improved on and applied in the New Year. Notably, among the popular events, we observed three outstanding events involving women who were inspiring and many lessons were learned.

Oprah Winfrey’s Acceptance Speech

The first speech that shook the social media and the general public was Oprah Winfrey’s acceptance speech when she received the Cecil B. Demille Award. It was a speech that generated intense emotions from everyone in the crowd. We all thought it was a great speech that should indicate the change many entertainers and women have been waiting for all these years.

Oprah’s speech projected her advocacy for the confidence which should be at the forefront of every stand against injustice. She commended the #MeToo initiative which was born as a fight against the insubordination and victimization of women in the entertainment industry.

Oprah described a glowing culture which was rich with so many potentials many years ago but the greed and bias of many powerful men in the entertainment industry had eroded the values and plans that had been made to grow the industry while supporting upcoming talents who wish to find a place in the entertainment industry while doing the things they are passionate about.

She said, “And when the new day finally dawns, it will be because of a lot of magnificent women…and some pretty phenomenal men fighting hard to make sure that the leaders that take us to the time when nobody has to say to Me Too again.”

It was a phenomenal speech which Oprah began by describing the events that attracted her to the entertainment industry in the first place. She also decried the seeming prosecution of the press and how it had lost its power in righting the wrongs that had been apparent for so long in the entertainment industry. It was an inspiring media moment that will be remembered by everyone for a long time.


Time Magazine Person of the Year

Time Magazine

Our second most intriguing female moment from last year was the when Time magazine revealed its Person of the Year as the women who broke the silence regarding the abuse that was ongoing in the media and entertainment industry.

It was a revealing moment which shook the media, and everyone applauded the bravery of these women who gathered together to cry out the injustice they had experienced with the #MeToo campaign. It was a remarkable move by the Time magazine who had effectively confirmed to the whole world that they were interested in sustaining the #MeToo campaign by choosing these women as the Time Person of the Year 2017.

Contrary to the previous scandals which where “swept under the carpet” within a few weeks, the #MeToo campaign had gained a velocity and more prominence with the Time magazines acknowledgement of these exemplary women who had boldly made a stand to prevent other women from experiencing the horrific events they had to bear as employees in the media and entertainment industry.

Peggy Whitsun Breaking a Space Record


We have to admit the third most remarkable moment in 2017 where women shocked the world with incredible achievements is the announcement of Peggy Whitsun as the American astronaut who had spent the longest time in space, not just the female astronaut but the American astronaut for both genders.

The summary of her time spent in space includes a total of 665 days in space and accomplishing 122 million miles which she traveled in space, and she also made 4623 trips around the earth. This is truly an amazing record and an achievement not only for women but also for men. At the age of 57, she also remains the oldest woman to have made such voyages in space, and she has a record ten trips so far in her career as an American astronaut.

These were memorable moments that have inspired many people to chase their dreams and to remain resilient even in the event of obstacles along their paths to success. We hope that the New Year 2018 will be a year that we all achieve remarkable feats in our lives. One thing is for sure, the events we marked as memorable female moments in the past year made a substantial positive impact on many lives all across the globe.


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