Tips: This Is What You Do In A Hurricane

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Taking precautions is especially important for those who live in hurricane-prone country during the hurricane season, but preparing for storms and natural disasters is advisable no matter where you live. First responders from all over America have compiled the most important ways for you and your family to prepare for whatever comes your way.

Water, Water Everywhere

Our bodies absolutely need water, so the number one thing you’ll want to do is stock up on fresh water. Fill up whatever jugs you have, and if necessary, you can even fill up your bathtub with it as well as Ziploc bags which you can keep in the freezer. You’ll especially want to have loads of it if a hurricane is making its way to you.

Let There Be Light

Those water jugs have more than one use. Rather than using candles to light up your home, leave the risk of starting a fire behind by wrapping a headlamp around or attaching a flashlight to the jug. The result is a light often larger than any candle could offer.

Taking Out the Trash

Here’s more use for water – although this doesn’t need to be fresh. If you already have sandbags at the read, fantastic; you’re good to go! But if that isn’t something you generally keep around, simply fill up trash bags with water, gravel, or pebbles so that you have something to seal up your doorways to keep water out.

Ice, Ice Baby

Your fridge and freezer probably won’t stay running during a bad storm, so you’ll need to stock up on ice. But where to store it?

Your washing machine! Just be sure to unhook everything before you do so. Use this as your fridge, and when the ice melts, you have more water!

How To Check the Freezer

Speaking of the freezer, how do you know, during or after a storm, whether or not your food has thawed at some point?

All you need to do is place a coin – preferably a dime or nickel – on one of the ice cubes in a tray; check the coin, and if it has dropped into the cube, that means the contents of your freezer have not stayed frozen throughout the duration of the storm.

What advice do you have to offer on getting through a bad storm? We want to hear from you, as well!