Too Close to the Queen

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At approximately 2 AM in the morning, a 22-year-old intruder was roaming around inside Buckingham Palace.  The Sun said the man scaled a fence at the front of the building to gain access into the Queen's home where he attempted to bang down the doors of the palace.

It took the police on site 4 minutes to apprehend this intruder.  They searched him for any weapons while panic broke out in the palace because of the massive security breach. Some fear this man was a copycat attempt that took place 37 years before.  Michael Fagan was able to enter the Queen's bedroom at that time.

Royal insiders reported there was an intruder loose in the palace for several minutes while the Queen was sleeping.  Shortly thereafter, he was arrested.  It was determined that he got inside the palace and was banging down the doors but fortunately, everything was locked down.

People Want To Know How This Was Possible:

When the Queen is taking residence at the palace, the Royal Standard flag is flown.  It's believed the intruder may have been trying to get access to her bedroom.

One royal insider said this intruder accessed the palace almost 37 years, to the date, after Michael Fagan got inside the Queen's bedroom.  There is a very real fear that this man was launching a copycat operation.

The police had to ask some very serious questions about how he got in and the length of time he had to roam around.  How is it possible that after 37 years, someone could climb the fence and get inside the grounds without being stopped immediately.  The Queen's safety is first and foremost so what happened with heat sensors and CCTV?

At this time, the man is being held under the mental health act.

Informing The Queen:

It was reported that the Queen would be fully informed about the incident and without a doubt will be of great interest to her. She does know everything that goes on in the palace.

The Sun revealed that the Queen was the only senior royal sleeping at Buckingham Palace due to refurbishment work taking place.  The Sun also said they did not believe that the Duke of Edinburgh was present.

As mentioned earlier, it was obvious the Queen was there because of the Royal Standard was flying.  Everyone is more than relieved that all the doors were locked so he couldn't get inside where the Queen was sleeping.

A Serious Lack In Security Operations:

This incident is also a devastating blow to the security operations at the palace which has experienced a number of similar situations. The most famous was on July 9, 1982, when Fagan, an unemployed laborer, scaled the walls and entered the Queen's bedroom.

Fagan, a 31-year-old schizophrenic, started telling the Queen about his family problems as she was pushing the panic button with no response!

She then telephoned the switchboard but the operator thought this was a joke by another member of the staff and replied: “Yes, dear, you're the Queen, we'll send someone up!” Then Fagan smashed a large glass ashtray and threatened to cut his wrist while he was sitting on the end of the Queen's bed.

Paul Whybrew, the Queen's longtime aide who is still employed by her, came to her rescue.  He came in with the corgis as the Queen called him in.  That's when he saw Fagan and began talking to him. Mr. Whybrew offered him a drink and then when Fagan's guard was down, he restrained him while a maid went off to get a policeman.