Top 5 Beginners Mountain Climbing Destinations

Mountain climbing is one of the best outdoor activities. Aside from the direct contact you have with the natural environment, you can add some ‘medals to your collar’ while boasting about your mountain climbing adventure to friends and family (or potential partners, wink wink, say no more). Nothing compares to the joy of reaching a summit.

So, if you are considering mountain climbing, here are five destinations that will be worth your time.

Mount Fuji, Japan, 3,776m

Mount Fuji can be spotted from the many locations in Japan. Its peak stands tall at close to 4,000m, making it one of the most adventurous mountains to climb. For this adventure, you will need endurance and stamina while hiking up the popular Kawaguchiko trail.

The estimated time it will take to reach the summit, which is 3,776m, is 8 hours. Mount Fuji is one of the most climbed mountains and the best period to embark on this adventure is from the beginning of July to the end of August.

Pikes Peak, United States, 4,302m

America also offers great mountain climbing adventure, and one of the best destinations is the Pikes Peak, which stands at 4,302m. The trail is about 21km. This is an adventure only for the fit hikers and from the top, you can get a ride down on the cog railway, or a ride down with one of the weakling tourists who drove their cars to the summit.

Tofana di Rozes, Italy, 3,225m

If you are in Italy, the 3,225m Tofana di Rozes offers an exciting mountain climbing experience. It is a five-hour climb during which you will need protective gear due to the rocky terrain up the Ferrata Lipella route. However, you don’t need to be an experienced mountain climber to overcome this feat.

Mount Hood, United States, 3,426m


At the height of 3,426m, Mount Hood offers experienced and amateur climbers an opportunity to have a great climbing experience that can be compared to mountain climbing in other parts of the world. Because of the snow, you will need to use ice axes and crampons to get through, but it’s not difficult.

The best period for the half-day journey starts from late April until June due to the accommodating weather during this period.

Breithorn (via the Normal Route), Switzerland, 4,164m

In Switzerland, a memorable mountain climbing experience is exploring the Breithorn. It reaches as high as 4,000m, one of the most popular peaks in the Alps. There will be snow so you will need ice axes and crampons for this adventure. The normal route will get you up to 3,883m, very close to the peak.

These are some great mountain climbing options for people who want to experience this new outdoor activity. When you have conquered these peaks, you can go on to more difficult mountain terrains such as the Mountain Everest or the Himalayan Mountains.

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