Top Google Searches of 2018

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With the year now coming to the end of its timespan, it’s time to start looking back on 2018. It has been quite the interesting year, with a hell of a lot of change. The world, though, feels very much on the precipice of massive, lasting change. If you ever look around the world that you live in and wonder why it’s changing so much, it all comes down to the way that we manage our search and pursuit of knowledge. For example, more people are online than ever – and more people are inputting Google searches than ever.

What, then, were some of the most significant and commonly searched topics of the last year?

Meghan Markle

One of the most commonly searched terms in 2018 was that of the newest addition to the Royal Family of Britain in Meghan Markle. The American married Prince Harry on May 19th, and it produced a huge amount of commentary – good and bad –across the world.

She’s a very interesting person, and the searches showed everyone wanted to know more about the newest member of the Royals – and Google seen many questions asked on her behalf.

Kate Spade

The fashion designer was one of the most commonly searched for names in 2018. Sadly, much of the searching into her came through her tragic suicide on June 5th. People wanted to read into her story and to find out why such an amazing and talented person had found themselves in such a situation.

Spade was a massive loss to the world for many reasons, but she was easily among the most commonly searched names on 2018 alongside.

Brett Kavanaugh

The world has watched the United States turn into a massive version of The Jeremy Kyle show. It’s a shame to see a nation with so much rich potential essentially turning into car crash TV, but the name of Supreme Court Brett Kavanaugh has become very much a common search on the web with good reason

He was confirmed in September, amid massive controversy that he seemingly sexually assaulted Christine Blasey Ford when he was in High School. Naturally, searches exploded to find out the truth – or at least one version of it.

Hurricane Florence

Natural disasters often bring up a lot of discussion, and with good reason. When the massive Hurricane Florence – alongside Hurricane Michael – hit, there was a lot of Google searches. People looking for information about how to stay safe and how to avoid any kind of danger. It’s not something that you want to see trending, but it was a major part of disaster relief efforts for many.

The 2018 FIFA World Cup

Sporting events often draw attention from across the globe, and the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia was no different. From team profiles to match-ups and predictions, the internet was alight with people reading into the teams, players, managers, stadiums and cities that held one of the most exciting sporting events in years. 

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