Top Inventions That Made Millions Despite All Logic

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The world, as we all know, is full of odd people. Great people. People with visions. Some people, though, have the vision but not the execution. Others have the execution, but no vision. Sadly, it would appear that there are many examples in history of the former dying penniless, while the latter makes millions with some outright odd creations.

Some of the following objects we’re about to look at are popular inventions which have made millions. They might seem quite odd at first, but believe us: they are massive commercial success. One thing is for sure: the people who made these sell had both vision and execution!

The Magic 8 Ball

We’ll start with an old classic, and one that everyone knows: the old Magic 8-Ball. A downright ridiculous contraption, this became super popular over a series of years ever since Albert Carter and Abe Bookman released their debut device.

It started out as a simple tube with some thick liquid and the predictions printed onto the die. Before long, Brunswick Billiards picked up upon the idea and turned it into the Magic 8-Ball.


The Tamagotchi was the bane of many a 90s parent; an expensive toy that made little to no sense to anyone outside of a child. Tens of millions sold, and Bandai raked it in. Many lesser equivalents became popular, too, but the Tamagotchi was a massive craze across the world – at   one point, Bandai estimated the were selling a Tamagotchi every single second.

They were very frustrating creatures, and required incessant attention from the owner or it would die, forcing a reset and the need to start again – meaning many a parent would lose their rag, watching for their child to do chores, homework or anything else other than play this infernal masterpiece.


Yes. Doggles. Goggles for dogs. I know.

These outrageous inventions, decried as daft by many, are clearly a creation of a genius. Why? They have sold over the world, and have sold millions of them. With a price not a kick in the teeth off $20 per unit, doggles have managed to create a huge market for themselves by being a comical fashion accessory that does something useful.

It helps dogs with ocular-based medical issues to keep their eyes a bit more under control should they suffer from certain eye conditions. See? They aren’t totally outrageous!

Singing Fish

Spend any time in any kind of naff hunting establishment, and the ‘Singing Fish’ will be put on. It’s not very funny, and it’s become a bit of a burden and a stereotype to some. However, it’s become very popular and there is absolutely no reason why, from a commercial standpoint, it should not be applauded.

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