Towering extension on Tate

The newest innovation in museum world comes from England and it’s famous Tate museum. Tate has announced the opening of a £260 million tower expansion. As one of the most significant cultural buildings in Britain, they plan to do some more work on the banks of the river Thames.

Looking a pyramid shaped brickwork, museum’s new addition adds the new atmosphere to its original structure, changing the look from the glassy one to more recent architecture. It is important to say that it provides 60 percent more space for visitors to this iconic center of modern art. “Today we open not just an extension but genuinely a new Tate Modern with…a new view of the world as it has been over the past 120 years,” – said Tate’s director, Nicholas Serota.

The people who redefined the usage of an old power station, Swiss architects de Meuron & Herzog, designed this new building, rising it up ten stories from the former Switch House, having a magnificent 360-degree view from the platform at the top. Inside the “House”, they put the brick facade and slit windows, with concrete spiral stairs, used from the old oil storage tanks, adding the oak floor.

The galleries of the new building are linked with the existing one with a bridge across the Turbine Hall on the fourth floor. A huge sculpture of a tree by the Chinese artist Ai Weiwei rises up from another bridge which is located three floors below. They believe that this new entrance will ease the constant flow of visitor through the museum.

The artist Cornelia Parker said: “There’s a porosity just by the way the bricks are and the fact you can walk though…It’s almost more female if you like. The original Tate Modern struts its stuff, whereas the new one is a bit more mercurial…The bricks are jutting out at angles, almost like brick brutalism. It’s really good.”

The three of the ten new stories are planned for exhibiting art. These are the biggest spaces, located at the bottom of the pyramid. The rest of the building will represent a sort of educational spaces. One floor will be used for “open experiment”, the platform for artists and public to explore and debate the art. Nicholas Serota added: “This is a building that’s not just about art, it’s about the city, it’s about London, it’s about what a great art institution can do for a community.”

Frances Morris, Tate Modern’s new director said: “Since we opened Tate Modern the world has changed and the story of art has changed. The established view of art history is no longer all-encompassing. Truly great art was then and is now made all over the world.”

Women artists finally have more space in a multiple decade effort to change the current situation in museums over the globe. More than third are women in show of the 300 artists from 57 countries. Louise Bourgeois has three rooms in the impressive opening display. Georgia O’Keeffe and Mona Hatoum both have major exhibitions at the museum this year also.

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