Trousers and a silk blazer for any kind of event? Why not!

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A friend of mine was invited to a Bond party where the dress code was pretty obvious. All the girls started talking about elegant evening dresses, like some of those that celebrities wore to the Met Gala. It really is that type of party, but why don't we swap elegant evening dresses with something more casual, what about some trousers, some blazer, maybe a tie?

She's not in a mood to wear one of those evening dresses, so she asked me for advice. She wants to avoid floor-sweeping designs, not because she doesn't appreciate the fairy tale princess look, but she feels much more comfortable in something else. Her question is - "What do you think of trousers and blazer, with a bow tie maybe?". Although it's still pretty expected for a girl to show up in a dress in those kind of events, and be all elegant, I'm totally supporting her idea. You may ask why? There are many reasons why...

Because there's many ways to wear it in almost any environment, for any occasion. I believe that blazers have the ability and power to instantly change to tone of your outfit to perfectly suit every situation possible. Of course, it depends on style of the blazer. Some of them can look really great, elegant or casual, paired with any fashion items from your wardrobe. Whe are all individuals and we should all believe in individual style, as we said before it's freedom, it's something we should encourage everyone to do.

If we embrace ungendered clothing, it would allow us more freedom to choose and to look better.

We can find example of those who do not directly equate clothing with gender even in 70's. Diane Keaton was one of those. She has worn suits on the red carpet since her rise to fame in the '70s. With time, she became an icon because she wore simply what she liked, she felt good in that clothes and I didn't saw anybody complaining about her. Why should they? Later it proved to be a fashion-forward thinking and it influenced many generations to come.

Olsen twins are also a good example. As the duo became famous designers, they quickly accepted the idea of sophistication with smart tailoring. And what's the result of their work. Well, whether they walking down the streets or at the Met Gala, they wear quality coats, roomy leather satchels, flats, and oversize scarves and they always look good, comfortable and free! They changed their style and looks in the last 15 years, but it was always kinda unisex, from boyfriend - style button - down shirts, to oversize outwear and noir style clothing.

If the industry makes a smart move, all those "boys wearing suits, girls wearing skirts" events will be different, everyone could be unique, different, more individual.

As Leandra Medine founder of Man Repeller said: " Getting dressed is no longer about abiding by a specific code so much as it is expressing yourself how you see fit…buy specific pieces that you love and buy them sparsely. "