Trump Installation on Walk of Fame

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As we all know the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, not only as a politician, but also as an American celebrity, the anonymous L.A. based street artist called Plastic Jesus selected the real estate mogul on the Hollywood Walk of Fame to make his new and bizarre art installation. A week ago, visitors of this world famous tourist attraction stumbled upon a miniature concrete wall surrounding the star of Donald Trump, clearly separating it from the rest of the walk.

This small sculpture is surrounded by a tiny barbed wire, American flags at its corners and some "Keep Out" sings. It's a direct hit to Trump's campaign promise to build a wall all along the Mexican border. Plastic Jesus said: "There’s been a lot of personal attacks on Donald Trump, both politically and by artists. I think really what we should be focused on is attacking ridiculous policies that will damage the US."

As Donald Trump became an usual mocking subject in modern political art, his star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame, made in 2007, has become a target this year. There were numerous acts of vandalism, even the recent case with swastika, and humans and their dogs spitting, peeing and defecating on this famous tile. A couple of months ago, CNN wrote: "Not even Bill Cosby‘s star draws as much controversy here as the one belonging to Donald Trump." The work of Plastic Jesus was installed only for two days there.

The artist who wanted to remove the work after it grabbed so much attention in the area, said: "It was attracting a huge crowd of people flocking to it to photograph themselves with this wall. Edward Scissorhands was getting a bit upset because it was getting way more attention than he was, so he attacked it!"

This was not the first time that Plastic Jesus put Donald Trump's image in his art. Several months ago, this street artist made installations in city streets of L.A., New York, Chicago and Washington, adding metal parking signs saying "No Trump Anytime". Also this year, people could also see Plastic Jesus's "Kardashian Parking Anytime" piece.

During the Republican debate in Southern California in September last year, Plastic Jesus created a series of $100 bills with Trump's orange coloured visage, wrapped in currency straps saying "completely worthless". The artist commented: "Things like human rights, equality, freedom, and law and order—all of these things have improved drastically over the last few decades. I think Trump will actually set this country back about 30 years. The US is made great by immigrants—to try and to build a wall… it’s just ludicrous." He reminded us that he has immigrated to the U.S. from the U.K. nine years ago.

Magazine Vanity Fair says that the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce denies rumors about the Hollywood Historic Trust to reconsider removing Donald Trump's tile because of all the negative attention, since it was first placed. We just have to wait and see will this star with a miniature concrete wall change their mind.


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