TV Characters We Loved Who Were Cut Too Soon

“Someone should pay for this!!!” or “I’ll never watch another episode again!” That’s usually what we see on social media when a loved character is cut off the series unexpectedly, or expectedly.

Most of us have that favorite TV show that we somehow become so involved in, we genuinely feel that the characters are some of our dearest friends. So, when those in charge decide to write someone out the script, and a tragic death of one of our favorite characters occurs, it can be a seriously heart-breaking event. We’ve counted down the 15 most tragic TV character deaths of all time, so get the ice-cream out and get ready to re-live saying goodbye to some of your all-time favorites!

George from Grey’s Anatomy

Shonda Rhimes is known to toy with her audience’s hearts on an almost weekly basis. Anyone who is a Grey’s fan knows she is not afraid of creating drama, from gunmen, to plane crashes, to death after death, you have to have tough skin to sit through this drama.

But what takes the cake was how she ended everyone’s favorite character, George O’Malley, one of the original interns and the most loyal friend around. George was unceremoniously run over and killed, but it got so much worse when he was brought into the hospital so scared that no one even realized it was him until the last second! Shonda…you did it again.