Being Your Own Twin: The Story of Taylor Muhl

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Life is often a rather confusing process, throwing changes at us that we cannot understand or get our heads around. Like, for example, being your own twin. What? Or better said: WAT?!


Taylor Muhl from California has a rather weird situation going on with her life. At an early age, Taylor noticed that she had a perfect split down the middle of her body. Not metaphorically, but literally. For example, her skin on her stomach was split down the middle, having different skin tone on either side.

After some very serious digging to find out what this meant, finally, a breakthrough! It was found that Taylor has a genetic condition of being her own twin. It’s extremely rare. It’s known as “Chimerism.”

Basically. It all takes place when two genetically distinct forms of cells make up one single body. From what we could understand, Muhl was supposed to have a twin sister. However, the two bodies literally fused together as one within the womb – meaning that two people literally became one. We’ve heard about twins being inseparable, but this, though, takes the lot.

The Strangest Bond

Rather than two sets of DNA in separate bodies, Muhl is a single person with dual DNA strings. She is one body carrying the essence of two siblings. With two different immune systems and bloodstreams in the one body, she’s a phenomenon. Indeed, it’s possible for other people with Chimerism to have both male and female DNA in the one body!

Sadly, it’s not all that cool; it can cause immense health problems for the individual. It recognizes two sets of cells at once and tries to fight them off. Each immune system is fighting the other half. This can cause a lot of illness and disease, and it forces people like Taylor to take quantities of probiotics and supplements in a bid to stay healthy.

The Independent

While Chimerism is not yet a commonly known condition, Taylor is doing what she can to raise awareness for her condition.


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