Twitter Bans Users Under 13. Or Older!

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Twitter is a social media networking website and app in which users can post tweets in a limited number of characters. So the message is relatively short and to the point. There has been a chaos on twitter recently about a policy they are taking too seriously nowadays.


Twitter is enforcing its age restriction policy on its users even though it’s the least cared about restriction on social media. Those users who signed up twitter when they were younger than 13 years are finding themselves in trouble, as Twitter is banning them one by one. Motherboard reported that the bans are going to occur whether the date of birth was added when making the account or it was added afterward to the profile. One of the most famous bans was of Tom Yun who is a Canadian journalist.

When banning the users, Twitter has sent them a message that says, “in order to create a Twitter account, you must be at least 13 years old,” and, “you don’t meet these age requirements.” This was the exact same message that was sent to Tom Yun, who is obviously older than thirteen years of age. The age restriction has always been a part of Twitter.

The protection of internet world and users is needed for safe use, so GDPR has added further new rules. The new rules require twitter not to keep any content that was posted when the user was of 13 years of age or younger. Twitter couldn’t distinguish between the content that was posted before the age of 13 or after the age of 13 so it thought of a strategy to ban everyone who signed up Twitter before the age of 13. Anyone who is above the age of 13 can use Twitter freely and their accounts are safe.

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