Never Seen Before Moments That Made 1967 Impact History

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Photography was invented around 1800, by British inventor Thomas Wedgwood.

*FYI moment #1: Actually he was the one to have thought of creating permanent pictures by using a material coated with light-sensitive chemicals.

In the two centuries that have passed, photography evolved into a selfie frenzy.

*FYI moment #2: More pictures are being taken around the world every two minutes than all the pictures ever taken during the 19th century as a whole.

Here are two moments which make 1967 a year to remember.

1967 - First woman in a marathon

The sixties were a time for a change. Kathrine Switzer was the first woman to finish a Marathon in the year of 1967. As you can see, it wasn't easy for other competitors. Poor things - A woman in a marathon?! Where has the world come to?! It was the Boston marathon and it was so unheard of that even several of the organizers tried to stop her.

Luckily enough she had a few friends on her side who protected her on her way.

*FYI - She wasn't the first woman in the marathon, but actually the first registered woman to run. Roberta Louise "Bobbi" Gibb was the actual first woman, but she ran unregistered.

1967 - Beatles release Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album

It's one of rock's most acclaimed albums, and this is the photo of the preparation for the album-art take. It was an experimental concept album released in June 1967.

They finished touring and decided to give as much time as they needed to finish this album. They focused on experimenting with sound and lyrics. Many believe that this album is the definitive Beatles album.

Yes, 1967 was an important year. Now check out other important historical moments