Uber Driver Rises to Internet Fame for Menu of Ride Options

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Have you ever wished your Uber driver was a little friendlier and talked a little bit? Or maybe they’re too talkative. You’re tired, and all you wanted was a mindless drive home. Why won’t your drive get the hint? What if you could choose? Well with George, a driver for Uber, you can!

Choose Your Uber Ride Adventure

As soon as his customers enter, George hands them a menu to choose from. Do you want quiet? Are you having a bad day and want to vent? Try
“The Therapy Ride.” Or maybe you need a good laugh to help you relax.

George has all sorts of options for his riders to pick from, including the “Rude Ride” where he’s as rude to you as he can possibly be. You even have a high chance of being rewarded for withstanding all his comments. The last person who chose “The Rude Ride” on the menu got a special keychain with some choice expletives from George.

 There’s also the absolutely hilarious “Creepy Ride” where he stays completely silent, doing nothing but driving and occasionally glancing back in his mirror with a creepy look.

George Gets Internet Famous

George was relatively unknown until one of his riders, @LuisLovesGoats,  shared a picture of his paper menu on Twitter.

 Without George’s knowledge, the post went viral, growing in popularity. People all over Seattle were clamoring to find this hilarious, fun-loving Uber driver. As a result, @LuisLovesGoats tracked George down to inform him of his popularity, noting that he was eager to do so since George was simply a “pure” soul who loved to spread joy.

Uber George Blesses Twitter

You can now find George, who is also a healthcare worker in Seattle, Washington, on Twitter as @uber_george. Just a month after forming his new account, he had thousands of followers. As “the world’s most famous Uber driver,” he’s now enjoying sharing his shenanigans and autographing menus for his passengers.

 “I’m so happy that my menu is making so many people laugh. It is humbling and exciting to see this all over the Internet,” he wrote.

Hopefully, other Uber drivers will catch on to what makes a driver five star from George, who has made more than just his drivers happy. Next time you’re in Seattle, make sure you search the famous Uber driver out!