Unfollowing or Unfriending People On Your Social Media & Why

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There is a fine line between friends and enemies you have accumulated on your social media accounts. If you are dealing with people on social media you want to get out of your hair, we are going to help you sift through your feed and not feel guilty about it.

This is Part One of the "How to Unfollow or Unfriend people on your feed without feeling guilty about it" series:

Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and other sites are about relationships and about sharing information, according to Diane Gottsman author of Modern Etiquette for a Better Life and found of The Protocol School of Texas.

When everything goes well, social media sites are great for connecting with like-minded people, building good relationships, connecting with your friends in the real world, building followers interested in your business and other businesses like yours.

That said, anyone who has spent any time on these sites knows there is always a good chance things can go wrong by bringing people in that are nothing but huge headaches. You could have a friend who is a racist, will start an argument with others, someone at work that has an ax to grind or are on the other side of the aisle when it comes to their political views.

What was once just a fun place to hang out has now turned into a nightmare.  But, before throwing up your arms and abandoning social media, you should know about some tools that are at your disposal to clean up your site and your feed.

Unfriending Or Unfollowing People:

According to Gottsman, you should think of unfollowing someone on Facebook as taking a mini-vacation from them while unfriending is literally breaking away from the relationship.  When talking about Instagram, their set up is just a little different.  Hitting “Mute” is related to unfollowing and unfollowing is like unfriending.

Know When You Should Unfriend Vs Unfollow Someone On Social Media:

You should know how to use these tools even if you know the difference between unfollowing and unfriending someone.  We will provide you with some situations so you can follow our advice, using good etiquette, to handle some people on your social media.


Here's the scenario, you have a neighbor who throws parties for her products she's selling online as well as offline. She is constantly hounding you to throw a party to help her make sales.

Social media has been a great place for people in marketing to show their wares and expand their down-lines,  It doesn't matter if you are selling makeup, diet pills, clothing, essential oils, pet products or any other product out there, the bottom line, they are only there to help themselves.

These so-called friends on your site are using you to help them make more money and see to it that you follow them to the end of the sale.

If you are like-minded and want their products, that's fine but if it's becoming a nightmare because they are overwhelming you with their demands, you really need to unfriend them!  If your neighbor is a really good friend, sit down with them and let them know how this is making you feel and they are overloading you with demands you cannot meet.

Let them know if they continue to harass you, you will have to unfriend them.  Understand, we all have lines that if crossed are non-acceptable and causing problems.  If they are really a good friend, they will respect how you feel about this situation.


It's not a good idea to have your social media attached to your professional life.  Even if your boss is a great person, having them as a friend or follower on your social media can lead to complications.

Gottsman thinks that LinkedIn is the best site for adding and maintaining business connections.  Keep in mind, if you are already friends with someone, it could lead to problems within your business relationship, especially if you decide to unfriend them!

You could unfollow them instead, staying somewhere in the middle without totally offending them. Another avenue set a filter to not allow certain posts to show such as your recent vacation to Barbados or the neighborhood party you threw last weekend. This filter will prevent your boss from seeing them!

If you want to have people you work with, you should first check what your social media profile is saying about you.

Tune in for part 2!