Unfollowing or Unfriending People - Part 2

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Social media is hotter than ever! People flock to these sites to share pictures, stories, great videos, and just about everything else in between. What many might know, these sites can have an impact on your real-life and you should pay close attention to what is showing up your page.

This is the Second Part of the "How to Unfollow or Unfriend people on your feed without feeling guilty about it" series:


How about your recent breakup with your ex?  There are people that do break up and still remain friends but those people are the exceptions.  Unfortunately, most breakups do not end well and both parties should go their own way.

Staying friends with your ex on social media can lead to even more headaches and make the situation even worse by showing you everything they are saying about you and whether they are actually moving on or not.

If you want to stay in a relationship with your ex in the real world you can have quality time but don't use your digital platform. When you spend more time in the real world with those you care about you can use your time online to build better relationships with those you have on social media.


So, your college roommate thinks posting pictures on a daily basis of his or her new baby, is stretching it a bit.

Although there are millions of people who enjoy seeing pictures of babies, pets, etc., it's a little difficult to keep up with incredible joy when the parent is posting every single movement baby makes from walking through their home in the nude or covering their faces with their food during feeding time.

This can become annoying even if they don't believe they are doing anything wrong. If these photos can be kept at bay, sooner or later she or he will get out of this phase at some point.  Once over this phase, you can always decide to follow them again.  Unfollowing will simply give you a much-needed break.


Ok, so you have a friend who is always in super shape, is successful with everything they pursue in life, and leave you feeling totally inadequate.  You need to stop viewing pictures of their yacht in Maui.

Keep in mind, many pictures you see on social media are either fake or touched up and nothing more.  It might be time to just unfriend them for your own self-esteem.


Ok, you might think it's a little over the top to unfriend mom but there are other alternatives. Social media shows all posts from friends to their activities along with what they like, commented on, or purchased.

Over time, this will bog down your feed with unnecessary stuff, especially those who like to comment on absolutely everything they run across. Unfollowing some of the traffic will allow you to keep a good relationship with your mom!  You can then take your time reading her comments when you have the time and no feelings have been harmed.


There's always that friend that just cannot resist turning every single conversation into something political.  As of late, you can't even turn on your news without listening to foul-mouthed people spurting off their hatred for those who don't agree with them.

The tools offered on social media will help you set boundaries of what's acceptable and what is not.  Unfriending some of these people will give you peace of mind and allow you to remain sane!  No one wants to be publicly humiliated on social media.  Also, ensure you are not a culprit of making social media mistakes that can damage your reputation.

Come visit us again for part 3!