Unfollowing or Unfriending People - Part 3

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Let's face it, in the real world you know whom you want to hang out with and whom you would prefer would just go away.  Social media has tools to help you sort through how much you want to be engaged with someone or those you'd prefer to keep at arm's length.

This is the Third Part of the "How to Unfollow or Unfriend people on your feed without feeling guilty about it" series:


We all probably have someone in our family who will turn everything into a political debate about up and coming elections.  That said, a family member is not exactly some friend or a friend of a friend, they are family and should be given the benefit of the doubt regarding their comments.

You should have a heart-to-heart, face-to-face conversation with them.  If all else fails, keep in mind that elections come and go and hopefully they will eventually calm down and get back to acting like family instead of a political guru!


Social media should be an uplifting experience that inspires you.  It can be a little tempting to “hate follow” someone whether a political figure, a celebrity or a past classmate you never got along with anyway.

These people can actually cause you a lot of problems. If someone is taking up too much of your space or you are spending too much time going to their page, it's time to move on and just unfriend them.  Get out of the obsession!

Don't Be Mean To Yourself:

There are many people who will not unfriend or unfollow others in fear of hurting their feelings, keep in mind, nine out of ten won't even know it!  These tools do not notify people to their status such as unfollowed or unfriended!

Most people on social media have so many other people following them or they are following, they will not notice.  Understand, just because you unfriend someone doesn't mean you dislike them, you are just setting up your boundaries on social media to make things more enjoyable for you,

How About The Block Tool?

This tool is used for serious situations on social media.  There are, unfortunately, people who use social media to stalk people, harass other people, intimidate, hurt, manipulate, and coerce people. If you fall into one of these issues and your instincts are saying you are not safe, you should use this tool.

This tool will unfriend that person but also prevent them from sending messages to you and will not allow them to see your profile.  Keep in mind, you can “report” someone using the Facebook or Instagram feature if someone is breaking the rules and regulations on these sites.

Also, if really serious, you should contact the police. This is important if the person doing this is someone you know in the real world.  Blocking people that are trying to cause an unsafe, dangerous situation is highly recommended.  In turn, make sure you never do the same to someone else.