Unseen Groovy Pictures Of Freddie Mercury

In a world where on most days there is more bad news than good, we get nostalgic for a simpler time, with people we admired and looked up to as role models catching our attention and making us believe in the power of magic, glamour, and elegance.

From young, vulnerable up-and-coming musicians who had no idea they could ever be iconic stars to starlets who were still hoping for a big break, see Freddie Mercury at his finest moments – when new groundbreaking music was about to be born. These photos of Freddie and his collaborations are so cool and groovy that you could almost see the innocence in his eyes.

He did not yet know how big he was going to be. Neither did Michael Jackson.

Jackson and Mercury

Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson meeting at the LA forum – 1980’s.

In this picture, we can see two amazing performers talking and creating a partnership between them.

Freddy Mercury and Michael Jackson formed their partnership in the 1980’s to work on three demos.  The first one was “There Must be More to Life than This,” which features vocals from both Freddie and Michael. Freddy released the song on the Queen album, Queen Forever. While the song was written during the Hot Space sessions, it wasn’t finished. Freddy Mercury would go on to release his own version as a solo work on his 1985 debut, Mr. Bad.

The other songs were “Victory,” which was later used as an album cover by the Jacksons, and “State of Shock,” which had Rolling Stones undertones.

By the way, Michael Jackson said about Hot Space, which was Queen’s 10th studio album released in 1982, that it was a major musical sonic influence for his Thriller album.

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