Unusual Spots To Up Your Insta Game

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These days, it has become a regular thing to take photos close to the Eiffel tower, the Hollywood sign, or even the Golden Gate Bridge. And if you’re one that likes to stand out, here are three classic locations to grow your Instagram audience.

Atlanta’s Edgewood Avenue

Edgewood Avenue, located in downtown Atlanta is a perfect blend of culture and creativity that puts Atlanta in a class of its own. With notable places like Killer Mike’s barbershop which they call The SWAG Shop, this area clearly separates itself.

Also, there are several concert venues on the avenue, so from the great lighting and crowds, you can take great pictures while listening to your favorite artists play. Another prominent point on the street is a quirky ping-pong bar which was established by an ex-nun. For real! You should check it out.

Boston’s Acorn Street

A trip to Acorn Street is nothing different from going back in time to colonial America. Though this cobblestone street is not so wide, it boasts an amazing scenic view which resulted from the historic brick homes on both sides. There is no place for modern architecture in this street, as every home still wears a complete look of ancient but lovely architecture.

Several flower pots sit in front of the homes, with tiny greenery just enough to give your picture perfect background. Acorn Street is situated in the middle of Beacon Hill, a well-known Boston neighborhood that was once home to abolitionists several hundreds of years ago.

Philadelphia’s Fountain Street Steps

Located in the middle of Fairmont Park, the Fountain Street Steps enjoys a ravishing decoration with a pretty mosaic pattern. The Street Steps had been there from time, but it just received a nice touch-up from locals when graffiti and non-native plants were about to outshine the native plants.

At the end of the steps is a beautiful fountain, with native trees all around the area. The Fountain Street Steps is not only amazing for how it looks but because of the story behind it. The Steps are representations of a joint community effort despite the troubles that it faced.

The caption of your picture on these steps would be quite educative and engaging to your followers.

Now that you know these locations, make a move to get to these points and give your Instagram followers that much-needed engagement!