Visual Identity Project By Roberto de Vicq de Cumptich

Visual identity is the “persona” of a company and creating one is a very changeling process. A designer must research and find the right inspiration to deliver an identity that will really represent a companies personality and philosophy. Today I will show you one artistic example for a visual identity project by Roberto de Vicq de Cumptich. He is is currently principal at his own design firm in NYC specializing in publications and restaurant design and branding. He speaks frequently on typography and design. He is also the author of several books featuring his own work. Below work is for client Vitoria Taborda.

”MyThai is a Thai restaurant in Rio de Janeiro, that combines two contradictory ideas— healthy and fast food. This is reflected in the revolving logo, an ambigram, (reads the same upside-down). We continue the sense of movement using thai dancers, Buddha’s hands and lotus flowers all to set the mood of Thai culture and cuisine.”
MyThai  Identity Project (1)

MyThai  Identity Project (2)

MyThai  Identity Project (3)

Visual Identity  MyThai  Identity Project (4)

MyThai  Identity Project (5)



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