Want To Live in America and Enjoy Canada’s Universal Health Insurance? Buy This House!

A property with entrances both from the American and Canadian side is up for sale. Customs officials and border police allow tenants to move freely inside the house as long as they stay inside or in the yard. What happens if you want to go outside?

Brian and Joan DuMoulin
Brian and Joan DuMoulin

Most people who live in a number of countries simultaneously usually have a lot of miles of their frequent flier card. Yet, there is one place on the border between the Us and Canada that enables tenants to live in both countries simultaneously, without leaving the comfort of your home.

The house is located between Beebe Plain, Vermont and Stanstead, Quebec and is now up for sale. The property, built in 1782 is 3,010 square feet is currently divided into five different units.

A Merchant’s House

The property known in the area as “Old Stone Store” was built by a merchant who wanted to sell agricultural product in Vermont and Quebec. The current owners who are in their 70’s inherited it 40 years ago. They have a dual Canadian and American citizenship and are hoping to sell the property and move to Ontario and be closer to their grandchildren.

The property is listed for $109,000 (USD) but needs about $600,000 invested in renovation. But, as the owners found out, it isn’t easy to sell a house situated on the border of two countries. Even if they are very close and friendly neighbors like the US and Canada.

The border
The border

Life on the Border

According to the residents, Brian and Joan DuMoulin who have grown accustomed to living on the border says that it used to be something natural and normal, but the days of crossing the border without being noticed are over. DuMoulin states 9/11 as the cause for change.

The house has two entrances, one from the Canadian side of the border and one from the American. Customs officials and border patrol officers have learnt to recognize the tenants and allow them to move freely inside the house and the yard, but limitations start when tenants try to leave the property. The rear gate (to America) is now locked for security reasons dictated by the Americans. “That’s the awkwardness” DuMoulin says “you can’t just go this way or this way, you’ve got to go through (the ports of entry) and then back through.”

Brian and Joan say they're having a hard time selling their home that straddles the border.
Brian and Joan say they’re having a hard time selling their home that straddles the border.

Having said all that, Rosemary Lalime, the couple’s realtor said that the house has been shown to over 10 potential buyers and another six more recently. Except for one prospector, all of them were American. With the property now going viral, we expect the property to be sold in no time!