Watch: Alligator Gets a Prosthetic Tail

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This is the story of Mr. Stubbs, an alligator without a tail. If you know a little about these reptiles, you will agree that they cannot swim without their tails. Mr. Stubbs the alligator had been ‘grounded’ for so long until a special prosthetic was invented for him.

This smart invention was made by a group of technicians and animal lovers. Without a tail, it was going to be difficult for Mr. Stubbs to survive all by himself.

It is not certain how Mr. Stubbs lost his tail, but the story is most likely horrific. He was among some alligators rescued from animal smugglers in Arizona. Mr. Stubbs was kept in a private facility for observation and care when his disability was discovered.

It is a miracle he survived. Mr. Stubbs has been treated; there is no threat because of the injury from his missing tail. However, without the tail, releasing him into the wild could be a ‘death sentence.’ Thanks to 3D printing technology, a prosthetic was created.

It was quite a challenge to find a suitable tail for Mr. Stubbs. The issues ranged from the usage, and how well the prosthetic fit. Alligators use their tails in many ways; this meant that the prosthetic had to be firmly secured in place. The technicians at the Phoenix Herpetological Society didn’t give up easily. After a series of trials, the right prosthetic was created.

A 3D printer was used to develop a personalised tail. The focus was on creating a tail that matched Mr. Stubbs structure. It was important to get the right fitting because an alligator’s tail is as important as its legs.

After a series of trials, it was confirmed that the prosthetic was going to work and last longer. This is great news for Mr. Stubbs. Regardless of how well he is cared for at the center, he belongs in the wild. The successful creation of the prosthetic meant he has another chance to live a normal life in his natural habitat. However, there will still be more tests.

So far, these are the accomplishments. Mr. Stubbs has been able to use his new tail to swim in water. It is now easier for him to move around with the use of the prosthetic. This also means he can hunt for food successfully in the wild.

The inventors of the prosthetic have posted videos of Mr. Stubbs testing his new tail in the water. The comments on these videos are hilarious, but generally, everyone is happy that this alligator was saved and is getting the best assistance.

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