Watch: Angry Businessman Crashes Porsche Into Dealership

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This is the moment a furious businessman crashes his Porsche Cayenne into the dealership following a row about buying a new Porsche Panamera Sports Turismo.

Footage from the Porsche dealership in Taichung City in West Taiwan shows the man surnamed Chu, 42, slamming his 4-million-TWD (135,000 US$) car through the front entrance, shocking the staff inside before also smashing into the front desk. Chu, who has been described as a "loyal Porsche fan", had ordered a new Panamera Sports Turismo featuring pricey optional 4D Chassis Control from the dealership in January 2017.

The car starts at a price of 5.98 million TWD (200,000 US$) and would increase to 7.46 million TWD (250,000 US$) with the extras he wanted. The deal was arranged with the help of his assistant, and Chu paid more than 2 million TWD (67,000 US$) up front.

But when the Porsche was shipped to the island in November, it did not have any of the optional extras he had ordered. The dealership claimed the sales contract did not include the extras.

Furious, Chu refused to pay the balance for his new Panamera and demanded his deposit be returned. The dealership stood its ground and threatened to keep his deposit should he decide to breach the sales agreement, giving him five days’ notice.

The irate businessman then decided to drive his Cayenne through the entrance of the dealership in protest, with footage showing him arguing with the management staff inside.

Taichung City police, who arrested Chu minutes later, found a pickaxe and petrol in his Cayenne. It is unclear whether he planned to use the tools during the conflict.

Chu said in a public statement that he "regretted" his actions - and then bizarrely claimed he crashed into the business while swerving to avoid a car running a red light.

The incident is still under investigation, with the authorities so far revealing the businessman’s prior convictions from 10 years ago, which include burglary and fraud.