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While some people (myself included, to an extent) are getting a little sick of the Marvel movies that seem to be released every second week, the new Avengers movie, Infinity War, looks to be a good one. Well, you would hope so anyway – given the incredible cost of the movie it’ll need to live up to the ridiculous hype surrounding it.

With as long as a decade needed to get to this point in the story, it’s absolutely right that this feels like the flagship end to what has been a remarkable (at point tedious) journey. With the fact that the likes of Captain America: Civil War cost a whopping $250m, and Age of Ultron at around $279m, there’s a bit of a discussion going around about how much is too much to make a movie.


Well, it would appear that at the moment this might break all records that are going around at the moment. Indeed, at the moment, Infinity War is expected to become the most significant movie of all time if you just go by the cost of it. Given the fact that this is the culmination of 18 movies and spin-offs and it carries one of the most star-studded casings we’ve ever seen, the cost kind of makes sense.

When you find out that MCU (Marvel Comic Universe), the group behind it, is worth an incredible $14bn, it’s easy to see why they can afford to take this kind of ‘risk’ and go for broke.

What’s The Damage?

According to the budgetary news we’ve heard from the likes of the Wall Street Journal, there’ around $300m on the table for IW. That’s a dizzying amount of cash, tying up with the likes of the Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End as a record production budget. The only movie that we could find that went beyond this was another PotC installment, Of Stranger Tides.

However, when you add in that Avengers 4 (working title obviously) was shot back-to-back with Infinity War, it’s likely that it could actually peak the OST costing.

However, the fact that it is already likely to be among the highest ever box office sales of all-time, it’s not actually that big a risk for MCU. Add in the fact that it was already expected to take around $255m in its opening weekend, meaning that it could even eclipse the incredible $247.9m brought in by Star Wars: The Force Awakens in 2015.

Indeed, it was also reported by the likes of Fandango that this was breaking some truly special records, with it out-selling the past seven movies in the Marvel Comic Universe COMBINED. With ticket sales already seemingly beyond double what Black Panther produced, too, this is sure to be a major pay-off for MCU.

With the premiere held on the 23rd April, we’re not far off seeing the release and making a huge impact on the movie industry. With all that waiting, then, will Infinity War live up to the hype?

If somehow you still hadn't checked the trailer here it is:

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