Watch: Chinese Drone Display Smashes World Records

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Ever a nation that loves to make a statement, China has claimed yet another record recently. Thanks to Chinese group EHang, they put together a world-record breaking 1,374 drones into an incredible presentation. The drones all flew at once together, and despite a lack of co-ordination they created a very interesting, impressive air experience.

The flight show is one of that was designed to help make sure that they could put together a truly special lights experience. However, the flagship aim of the whole experience, to spell out the data and the number of drones in the air, was not possible. That being said, it was still a very impressive design that would almost certainly catch the eye.

It was, as you might expect, panned in the Chinese media. It was even lambasted by the South China Morning Post, who denounced it as nothing more than an “epic fail”, which some might agree is a bit harsh.

The show did not quite come together as was expected, though; that much is easy to see. EHang, though, did break the 1,218 drones put together by Intel earlier in 2018. This took place at the Winter Olympic Games in February, held in Pyeongchang. While the Intel show was pre-recorded and shown at the ceremony to avoid mishaps with weather, the EHang event was put together in live time.

If you think you might have heard of EHang before, they are the zany geniuses who put together human-carrying drone services. A company that is almost permanently looking for the next wild experiment, they sure know how to have a good time and put together a truly tremendous experiment.

Should you be interested in the world of drone tech, then we suggest that you’ll find a lot of the work that EHang does quite interesting. They are, without doubt, one of the most creative and ambitious tech firms out there at the moment!

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