Watch: Daring (and easy) Escape From Police Garage

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It sounds like a scene from some satirical or adventure movie, but trust us on this, this is very much real. One very clever and resourceful perp decided to make a final run for it, after being brought to Porter County jail, when the policemen who brought him in for booking left the cruiser door AND garage door wide open.

Sounds too good to be true, but we have the CCTV footage to prove it. A 25-year-old Michael Maldonado made the 100-meter-dash from the garage of Porter County jail in Indiana on Monday, March 26, when he noticed that the jail garage door took its sweet, sweet time closing. Two squad cars arrived in the garage, one holding Maldonado, and parked near the door leading to booking. The officers got out of their vehicles and moved away, their backs turned on the perp in custody, knowing that he is locked in the car.

If you take a closer look at the car on the left, you may notice it shaking and some ruckus going on inside. A moment later, the driver’s side door opens and out comes Maldonado, shoeless and darting for the exit before the automatic door shuts down.

Michael Maldonado, The One That Got Away

It took the policemen a while to process what was happening. By the time they realized it, their perp was out and free, with a pair of glistening handcuffs to boot.

The footage has been watched over 30,000 times in just one day. The following morning, Porter County Sheriff's Department spokeswoman Sgt. Jamie Erow confirmed a statement that Maldonado has been found and brought back into custody.

Credit to 'Porter County Sheriff's Department'.

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