Watch: Motorcycle Show Off Fail

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Boys may eventually grow up and become men on the outside, but they will still be little boys in their hearts. Their toys also change - from the plastic bike in the dollar store to the big, heavy machine that requires real manpower to handle and costs thousands of dollars.

While on the subject of toys, one thing is for certain. New toys are the best kind, right? They shine and glisten in the sun. Their lines so sharp, you think you will cut yourself if you touch it. But new toys also bring a sense of false confidence in their owner’s soul, which eventually brings us videos like this one.

Shot on the streets of Bellshill in Scotland, UK, a guy tried to do some sort of stunt with his brand new dirt bike, only to lose complete control of that thing and slam it several times. What was he thinking? He sure looks like he is ready for this endeavor he is about to face. Dressed in the signature dirt biker garb, with the armored suit and the proper helmet. But something seems to be missing...oh, that’s right - the proper know how to handle a bike that strong!

The guy mounts his bike and revs that engine so hard, sparks could be flying out of the exhaust. Too bad the filmer sat across the street, so we can’t tell for sure. He revved it too hard though, launching the beast from beneath him, straight into the window of an Indian takeaway restaurant. They both slam on the pavement and it seems that this is where his little adventure will end, but nope…

Our brake biker tries to get up and tame his beast, to little avail. Trying to grab the bull by the horns, it looks he mistook the throttle for the brake, making the bike go wild. And he loses control of it again, sending it straight for a parked car out front. The store window did not sustain damages, although the same can not be said for the car. Duuuude!

A lot of people complain about the revving of cars and motorcycles at night, and we guess that this guy suffered a bad case of karma. He wanted to show off his brand new GSXR's beast of an engine, so he was probably revving that thing at max, which is also probably why this person got out on their balcony to record this idiot.

Unfortunately, he must’ve revved it too hard, since he flipped it over and wrecked it bad. Thankfully, the driver is left without a bruise, although the same can not be said about his dented wallet. And maybe his right ankle, since it did look like he twisted it during the fall. He does limp on it a bit.

Whenever handling a motorized vehicle, or any vehicle on that note, it is important to operate within safe circumstances. Safety should always be your primary concern. Thankfully this man was not injured. As for his ego, well...let’s leave it to the imagination.