Watch: A Crazy A** Guinness World Record Breaker

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Now, a quick disclaimer before I go any further: this video put me into a state of shock. If you are like me and feel the need to say “Don’t look down” when at the top of a flight of stairs, nevermind any real height, I’d perhaps advise some caution on watching this.


It’s absolutely outrageous, and a video that requires immense fortitude just to watch. Now, I know they wouldn’t show the video if the participant had gotten into trouble…but still. The sheer scale of the height mixed in with the ludicrous nature of the walk itself makes me feel a little ill.

The video takes in daredevil and all-around cool guy Pablo Signoret. Pablo is a legend of the game and is one of the most daring people that I have ever come across. By walking between two massive mountains and a river on just this tiny bit of rope, I think it’s safe to say that he’s proven his mettle.


Walking it totally blindfolded, too, he goes from one end to the next in the most outrageous manner possible. I’m not even joking when I say that I struggle to walk down a street with the same coolness and accuracy, so it’s a feat indeed.

Honestly, though…. what could possess someone to take on such a risk!?

It’ a truly epic watch, and one that I recommend everyone takes the time to look into. The sheer nerves it would take to carry out such an event is truly mystifying. I was so impressed with his quality, and really found it to be one of the most impressive videos that I’ve seen in some time.

Jannovak Photography

But yeah, you wouldn’t find me near a height of such barely understandable magnitude. What an experience it must be (if you like to terrify yourself with fear of death). Show this to anyone in your social group who, like me, cannot contain their fear at the slightest drop.

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