Watch: Orangutan Decides To Play Catch When Man Tosses Him A Treat

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Prepare to laugh and be amazed as this is one video that no one should miss! In this video, during a trip to Bali, Vitaly R. decided to go to a zoo. There, he went to the Orangutan habitat not realizing that he would meet a lifelong friend there. He decided to toss over a treat to his new Orangutan friend only to be surprised by its response! The Orangutan picks up a treat of its own and tosses it back to Vitaly! This video really does show how smart Orangutans can really be!

This is absolutely amazing! Who knew that apes such as this one could make such good friends? Do we have to mention how smart this Orangutan is? You cannot help but smile as the ape throws a treat back to its new friend! Even Vitaly himself seems like he is really surprised by the response! This is one moment that Vitaly will remember for a long time!

Aside from the fact that this orangutan is really smart, isn't it also just adorable? It is so cute that you cannot help but to want to take it home with you! Unfortunately, you cannot take something like this home with you, but you could always get some adorable animal plush's from Amazon! After all, who doesn't find plush's adorable?!

So sit back, prepare to laugh, and enjoy this video!

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