Watch: Your Cute Video of The Day

Owning a pet means putting in a lot of work and effort to keep them in a good mood. Much like a young child, though, getting a pet to go for a bath takes a lot more work than you may expect. An owl is a creature that is very hard to get to go for a bath, for sure, but Curbie is a bit different to a traditional owl.

Curbie saw his owner pull out a bottle of liquid – a squirt bottle – to give him a drink. Immediately, his interest was piqued and he flew over to see what the bottle was about. Opening his mouth, the owner sprays the water into his mouth and he too in a quick drink. Usually enough to keep him happy, little Curbie then did something totally unexpected.

After his little drink, he then spread his wings and stood there totally open, essentially demanding that his owner then blast him down with the skoosh gun. He started to spray the little owl down and he seemed to be enjoying it so much. They caught it on video, and his reaction is just adorable – I can’t remember the last time in my life when I was so obviously content!

Spraying him down with particular attention on his feathers, the owl got every last feather wet and seemed to just love what he was getting. At that moment, though, the little owl stuck out his butt in a demand for his owner to skoosh that down, too. It was hilarious and it showed just how unpredictable creatures like this can be.

Curbie proved he’s like other animals, then when he just flew away when the job was done. No “thank you!” or anything – just a little glance and then back to whatever he wanted to do at that particular moment. An absolutely adorable little animal indeed, this video just goes to show how animals and humans can interact in the most comical manner.

So, if you’ve got an owl at home, why not try to see if he’ll react like Curbie does?