Watch: Polar Bear Takes a Hotel Room for Free

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There are times when we go out, and upon return, we might find a bug or other insects roaming around the floor. But this wasn’t the case Malin Stark witnessed. Malin is a nature guide in Norway. On a fine Sunday morning, Malin came back from a tour and found something unusual in her hotel room. She found a Polar bear sticking his head out of the hotel room’s window. This was very unusual.

Curious Creatures

This polar bear surprised everyone. Why would he enter a room? Maybe he was looking for food or he was just curious to find what’s inside a nature guide’s room. The curious polar bear decided to explore the hotel room and get some rest there. During the time he stayed the bear messed up the room by breaking wine bottles. The polar bear toured the room and when he decided to leave through the window he got stuck.

A Large Bear Stuck In a Tight Place

While the Polar bear enjoyed in the room he thought of going back to his own place and saw a window nearby. He saw a window and decided to get out from there. Unfortunately, he was too huge to get out of that small window.

A Slick Escape

The polar bear got stressed out. People started to gather around to help the bear come out. Even a helicopter arrived to help the poor bear. The loud noise of the helicopter further panicked the bear and he started to push himself harder, eventually squeezing himself out of the window. First, he took out his head, followed by paws and then the whole body. The bear was seen bleeding as he had gotten a small cut on his paw.

The Polar bear really did have a lot of adventure. We hope the polar bear’s paw gets recovered soon.

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