Watch: Scuba Diver Finds Himself Surrounded By Sharks

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The ocean’s deadliest predator lurking beneath the waves, ready to strike without warning. You would think that hanging out underwater in shark territory would be the most dangerous place to be in the ocean.

However our fears are not always rational, more often they’re primal, i.e. based on emotion rather than facts! When most people think of sharks, they instinctively remember the horror movie Jaws.

While scuba diving off the coast of South Africa, this person managed to put himself right into the middle of a massive gathering of sharks. The ocean around him is filled with hungry sharks.

In just a few minutes, the sea became thick with them, approaching from all directions. However scary it may sound, this scuba diver doesn’t seem to care that much and is very cool about it!

He is under 30 feet of water and without a cage, off the coast of South Africa. We bet he finds it impossible to keep track of all the sharks around him. We counted at least 20 of them, with more dark shapes lurking in the murky depths below.

For most people, fear is something they avoid at all costs. For others, it’s what drives them! We bet this person was in a search for adrenaline when he went on such a dangerous quest!

We guess it is his personality trait known as sensation seeking, i.e. thriving for adventure, risks, and sensory overload!

While swimming with sharks is not as dangerous as it seems, that doesn’t mean it won’t give you a good jolt of adrenaline anyway. Sharks are beautiful, powerful, agile creatures.

Capable of both extreme violence and incredible elegance. Attacks on humans are exceedingly rare, despite all the negative media attention they receive.