Watch: Silverback Gorilla Meets Karma. LOL

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A hilarious footage has emerged of an over-confident male gorilla exercising dominance in his zoo enclosure. However, his heroic act was tainted with an epic slip up. Who would have known that even a silverback gorilla can slip up? He slipped so much that he did the splits! Adorable!

Imagine going to the ZOO to visit all those exotic animals, only to have a 375 pound male gorilla lunge at you in his enclosure! In this clip, we see a massive silverback male showing visitors and other gorillas in his enclosure that he is the alpha!

Glass or not, watching a gorilla charge at you only to pound on its chests, is definitely a scary experience! In this video, we are fazed by what the huge mammal is trying to achieve, but eventually, karma takes things in her own hands.

This is typical behavior, it is just what male gorillas do. They just exude that dominance and they want to show that any way they can, while making a lot of noise and fuss about it. The pounding of chests and the angry charging, makes gorillas seem pretty scary to be around!

In this compilation of several footages, we see a male silverback gorilla exercising dominance in a zoo enclosure. In the first footage, we see a male gorilla pounding his chests, showing the others who are in charge. Next, he charges straight down the grass with such incredible force but slips in the process. What an embarrassment for such alpha male, we’re sure! Next time, we hope he learns how to hold his horses, and exercise his dominance elsewhere!

We have seen male gorillas in action many times and we know their dominant behavior. If you haven’t stumbled upon harsh gorilla dominance, make sure you stick around for a moment to witness the action as a self-confident male beats his chests for attention. It's all for recognition!

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