Watch: The Shortest Passenger Flight In the World!

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For anyone who is used to flying, one of the most annoying parts of the journey is the time that it takes. Some flights can feel needlessly long, as if they were drawn out needlessly. If you want to experience a flight that is over more or less as quickly as it has begun, then you might want to take the trip to Scotland.

A quick trip to Westray will give you the chance to enjoy a truly enjoyable experience. This route takes you between the two Orkney Islands of Westra and Papa Westray, allowing you to enjoy a flight that lasts for just around one minute. Some say a minute and a half, as is the schedule, but it’s usually a fair bit quicker than that. Not many flights can shave off more or less a minute from the journey, after all!

This amazing little flight is the shortest passenger flight in the world that you can actually take. Indeed, the quickest flight along this amazing little trip is just 53-seconds. It’s taken part by using Loganair, a Scottish regional airliner that serves the Highlands and islands areas.

The flights first started up in 1967, and since then has become a popular visiting spot for aviation enthusiasts. The flight occurs daily, and it’s going to take you around 2.7km to complete the journey. In fact, this is only as long as the Edinburgh Airport runway!

Short yet Swift

At just £17, too, you’ll find that you would struggle to get public transport for cheaper in many parts of Scotland today. You simply need to contact the Loganair team if you wish to book the flight, as you are unable to do so from a standard travel agency or anything like that.

It was commonly flown by Pilot Stuart Linklater, who flew it an incredible 12,000 times – perhaps more. He was the record-holder for the fastest flight, too. You’ll mostly find the flight to be loaded with people checking out the awesome archaeological sites that you will find on the islands, though it’s often used for medical purpose as well.

The flight often is carried out using a Pilatus Britten-Norman BN2B-26 Islander. If you want to enjoy a unique and enjoyable experience that takes longer to board than it does to actually fly, then you should almost certainly book up the shortest flight in the world and try it out for yourself!

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