Watch: World Record Hand-skating!

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The good people who we share this world with are capable of truly horrible things. For every act of barbarity that we see which reminds us we’re no better than or predecessors, though, we get to see someone proving the amazing limits we can take our bodies to. Take Mirko Hanßen of Germany.

He managed to enter the Guinness World Books of Records by achieving a whopping 50m worth of hand skating in a mere 8.55 seconds!

Photo Credit: Paul Michael Hughes/Guinness World Records

Caught in the act in Bocholt, Germany, on 17th November 2017, Hanßen used a K2 Mach 100 set of skates to achieve the amazing feat. Working with the city as well as family and friends, he set up two light sensors to work as the start and end point. He also used the classic stopwatch and tape measure, of course. Appearing in the 2019 edition of the GWBOR, Hanßen said: "After I was part of some TV shows I want to make the next step and be part of the famous Guinness World Records book.

"With a lot of tough training, I learned more and more, for example, to skate on one hand and to jump over a ramp."

Photo Credit: Paul Michael Hughes/Guinness World Records

With immense physicality needed to pull off such a feat, it’s no surprise that this is a record which has taken a long time to match. For Mirko, the immense physical requirements needed to get the job done would be hard to fathom.

Thanks to his dedication to his craft and his ability to train on his balance quality, though, Mirko has made sure that he stands out for all of the right reasons. This amazing feat might take some time before someone even gets close to beating it – 50m in just 8.55 seconds, amazing!

This will likely be one of the headline records for 2019, so be sure to take a quick watch at the video and see for yourself why so many people love to take on this kind of daring experiment. Scary? Almost certainly. Worth it? Just look how happy Mirko looks, and that should answer your question!

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