Watch: Your Next Bucket List Item

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Banff National Park’s legendary Moraine Lake is a dream vision that lives up to its reputation. The glacial waters are a light turquoise, set against an alpine backdrop of Canadian Rockies. Two friends ply the placid water in a bright red canoe. The scenery could not be more impressive.

We can see the glacier runoff at the other end of the lake, where ice turns into a mass of alluvial deposit. This is nothing other than ice pulverizing a mountain in gravel. The process takes thousands of years, but nature is in no hurry.

A buffer of pine trees has found its zone along the lake. The alpine line clearly defines where vegetation may exist, and above that, no more. In fact, it is the variety of definitive lines of color and texture that make Moraine Lake so impressive.

Each zone is clearly defined. The lake, the tree line, the alluvial zone, and the craggy monolithic peaks reaching up to the azure blue of a rarefied atmosphere each come together in a grand composition that only the creator of all things can orchestrate.

The video comes to us from global travel vlogger Sarah Brown. “The two people in my video are my best friends. We take lots of adventure trips together. This day on Moraine Lake was one day during a week-long trip in the Canadian Rockies,” Sarah writes.

“It is actually even more beautiful in real life because the water is so blue. It almost seems unreal because it’s so electric looking. Here, at Moraine Lake, there are lots of beautiful hikes to do as well as canoeing,” she said.

For such a popular tourist attraction, the lake sure is quiet. We see only one other canoe on the lake, and that one is at a distance. Of course, there is probably a canoe behind the one we see, since somebody seems to be operating the camera. There is plenty of space to wander peacefully along the lake.

Superlatives and clichés are in order here: It is so utterly beautiful. Even though the video was taken on February 5, our travelers are dressed in light clothes, and the man with the paddle is wearing a short sleeved green shirt.

There is a remnant of snow perched between mountain and alluvial spill, possibly a holdout from winter, or maybe it’s permanent. Neither is there ice on the lake. It’s winter, and yet the video feels like summer, or if not summer, at least late spring full hikes to do as well as canoeing.”