Watch: You've Never Seen A Mig29 Takeoff From This Angle

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Technology has always been a uniquely enjoyable thing. It’s something that has allowed us to see some truly special moments in the world, and capture some of the greatest achievements known to man. If you are a fan of fighter jets, then this video of an afterburner camera is a must-see. You get a front seat view to a fighter jet taking off, creating an absolutely sensational point of view for you to enjoy.

Mounted on the back of the Mig 29K, this take-off lets you see what it actually looks like. The jet took off from a Russian aircraft carrier. 

It looks amazing, right? Look at that wonderful explosion of energy roaring into life. We always figured it would take something special to move a MiG, but this shows you just how incredible these pieces of kit are.


Extra fuel is thrown into the jet pipe downstream, making sure that the burning is rapidly increased as the expense of massive fuel consumption and efficiency, making it useful for short bursts in emergency situations.

This awesome video, then, shows you the unique power of the fighter jet – and why they can blow away even the fastest and most modern of civilian crafts.

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